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The issue:

COVID-19 has changed university/college sports in Canada forever. Suddenly.  That is the new reality.

In this new reality Canadian universities and colleges are facing a massive and unprecedented financial crisis as a result of COVID-19.   Athletics are but one element of that crisis.  

New ideas, new models and new thinking are what is needed to deal with this new reality and protect the interests of student-athletes.  Tough questions need to be asked and answered.  Questions no one wants to ask, but should, like "Should Canadian colleges/universities be in the business of sports?  Can they be in a post pandemic world?  Can they afford to be?  Are there alternatives?

The Canadian Student-Athlete Association is the needed independent voice to do just that.

As we move forward, the Canadian Student-Athlete Association will be working to give student-athletes an independent voice in the difficult decisions which will inevitably need to be made relating to the funding of university/college athletics going forward.

Click here to read the Feb. 15,2021 Canadian Student-Athlete Association letter to Minister Champagne (Minister of Innovation, Science, and Industry) in response to the release of "Education for All" report by coalition of university faculty, student, and labour groups.

Click here to read an interesting article from CTV news on the the hard numbers relating to the potential financial impact of COVID-19 to universities  (at this point - it could get worse as we continue to progress through this crisis).  

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